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Orkut: We Hardly Knew You

Social media always has a hot new trending app or service. Some of these stay around and last the test of time, like Facebook. Some are a flash in the pan with little sustainability. Apps of the early iPhone come to mind like the fake lighter. And others like Orkurt reach success for a moderateContinue reading “Orkut: We Hardly Knew You”

All For One

Knowing your consumer is key. You are making a product or service for them so you best know how to sell it to them. If you cannot reach your audience your product is doomed. The audience makes a breaks a product or service. Especially if it is nonessential. So getting to know your audience helpsContinue reading “All For One”

The Breast Intentions

Social media has given every user the opportunity ti see more of the world than ever before. This includes the good and the bad.  We can see the beauty all around us but also the hard to swallow realities. With social media a user can share their thought and content on almost any subject. SomeContinue reading “The Breast Intentions”

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